Pole Power Kingsbridge was established in 2019 and is a one of a kind pole and aerial studio.  Pole Power is uniquely known for using Silicone coated poles which allow you to pole in clothes, making it accessible, approachable and fun to a wider audience.  Pole Power promotes a supportive, safe and comfortable environment for complete beginners and those who have experience of pole or aerial fitness before.



Pole Power Kingsbridge is owned by Jo Williams who has been a student at Pole Power in Plymouth and has been trained by Kelly for 3 years . Jo has completed her aerial hoop Instructor training and really wanted to bring Pole Power to Kingsbridge so that more people could enjoy this form of exercise which she has become so passionate about.

Pole Power Kingsbridge is also supported by the Pole Power founder, Kelly Morgan who will be one of the Instructors at the studio and brings with her a wealth of both pole and aerial tricks, spins, combo’s and whole heaps of fun to share with you


* We DO NOT offer heeled classes or exotic routines.