Aerial Hoop

Since having been featured on BBC1’s Tumble, ITV's Britain's Got Talent and more recently in The Greatest Showman, aerial hoop is becoming more widely known.  Aerial Hoop is a beautiful art form and is the oldest and most respected form of aerial tradition. Performers are able to demonstrate graceful gymnastic and stunning acrobatic displays of skill high in the air.


You’ll use equipment often seen at the circus, a round steel hoop (looks like a hula hoop) suspended in the air.  These vary in size for adult and children and with the use of strops, can be used as a single point hoop (which spins and swings easier allowing rotation) or a double point hoop (which allows a variety of different moves and is a little more stable).


With Regular training you'll build your strength, stamina and increase your flexibility as well as your confidence.


Don't worry you don't need to be strong or have any experience to start your aerial fitness journey.  In fact; It is so much fun, you may become an aerial addict. ​​

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Beginners Classes

You will learn beginner mounts, poses and transitions to get you started in your aerial hoop journey, below and within the hoop, no experience required, you don't need to be fit or strong to start with as you will soon build your strength all whilst having a lot of fun

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Higher Beginner (Part 1) Classes

Now you know the basics from beginners you'll be ready to increase your tricks knowledge and start to create combos which will build strength and confidence further around the hoop and start to work on preparing for top bar tricks

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Intermediate (Part 2) Classes

You'll be stronger then you ever were before from regularly attending beginner classes, you'll be ready to create routines, perform drops, rolls  and work a lot more around the top bar and strop work. 

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Hoop Practice Session

This session is yours.  It is unstructured for you to use to work on anything you need to, a move you’ve been struggling with or need a bit more practice to nail it, whilst an Instructor will be there to help you with what you are trying to achieve and ensure your safety.