·        Those looking for a fun fitness class

·        Those who want a new hobby

·        Those who want to build strength, particularly the upper body

·        Those who want to boost their confidence (body and mentally) in a supportive studio

·        Those who want to tone up and build core strength

·        Those who would like to have fun, get fit and be part of a growing community


·        NOT for those who give up easily


·        NOT for those who judge others and are not supportive


·        NOT for those who want the sexy side of pole


·        NOT for those who want to dance in heels






·        Pole Fitness Classes

·        Aerial Hoop Classes

·        1-2-1 sessions

·        Small group sessions

·        Practice sessions

·        Parties – Adults & Children


There is something for everyone at Pole Power Kingsbridge, no matter what time of day fits in around your needs.





There is no pre-requisite dance or fitness experience needed.  Don’t forget we were all beginners once.


Almost all the classes are levelled to ensure that you progress safely and effectively.  If you are completely new to pole and aerial fitness, we recommend that you start with a taster session.


Taster sessions after our initial set-up period will run at least once a month, where you will get to try both pole and aerial hoop to see what you enjoy the most.


If you can’t make a taster session, you are welcome to start with a beginners class or a 1-2-1 session at a time that suits you.  Please see the timetable on our website




Anyone can do it.  Although it does take time, effort and training, but classes and aerial equipment can be tailored to fit the needs and physical ability of the individual.  Therefore there’s no reason not to try a taster session.





When you arrive at the studio you’ll be welcomed by an Instructor who will check you in, show you where to put your belongings and answer any questions you may have.


Please don’t worry, we know that you may be a little nervous, but we’ll do our very best to put you at ease and get you having lots of fun within minutes.  Once everyone has arrived you’ll find yourself a space in the studio to begin with a warm up to get you ready for the class ahead.


After the warm up, it’s straight onto the equipment.  It is most likely you will share with another student (2 to equipment) this allows for you to help each other, have a break and also get to know someone if you have come alone (most people do).  You’ll then be shown you first move to try, the Instructor will break it down for you, and is more than happy to show you as many times as you need, so please don’t be afraid to ask.


You’ll get to try out the move several times before moving on to the next one. Moves follow the Pole Power syllabus which we will track for you in your personal tracker, which is kept at the studio.  Pole Power has also created the Pole Magic Book and PDF so that students can also keep track, learn the move names and goal plan those desired moves.  You’ll learn conditioning moves, poses, tricks, spins and develop mastering them all in combos.


At the end of the class you’ll have a thorough stretch and the opportunity to ask any questions.



Tips for making the most of your class:


·        Avoid upper body workouts the day before class

·        Get enough sleep the night before

·        Eat something 60 – 90 minutes prior to class

·        Avoid using moisturisers 24 hours before class

·        Drink plenty of water before, during and after class and remember to bring a water bottle

·        Don’t wear anything too baggy, it may get caught





·        Sports leggings

·        T-shirt/vest

·        Bare feet

·        Leg warmers (optional)

·        Long sleeve top (optional)

·        Drink (Important to keep hydrated)


·        NO moisturiser to minimise slipping


·        NO jewellery to prevent injury to yourself and damage to the equipment


·        INCLUDES wedding rings (if possible, please leave at home)


·        Please note there is NO PARKING at Pole Power Kingsbridge.  There are several car parks around us and excellent public transport links.






·        Increased confidence

·        Building strength

·        Pole with clothes

·        Increased core control

·        Increased flexibility

·        Increased muscle definition

·        Sense of achievement

·        The best full body workout

·        Awesome FUN

·        Friendly supportive studio

·        Increased fitness & energy levels

·        Weight loss





You really can’t put a price on your health and wellbeing, but the costs depends on your goals and how much you grow to love Pole Power Kingsbridge.


Taster sessions are free *initially


If you want to see real results, then you need to invest in yourself, you know you’re worth it!


We recommend attending a minimum of once per week to see progress and start seeing the results, after a month or two.  Increase your sessions to twice weekly or above, when you’ve progressed sufficiently, your personal tracker will help us to advise you on this.


Each person will learn moves, tricks, spins and combos at their own pace.  Everyone progresses at a different pace, but you will be guided safely and effectively through the syllabus and your personal tracker and placed in classes that are levelled at your ability.  Progressing in your pole or aerial fitness in this manner will give you the necessary skills to progress safely and effectively.


You will soon witness your posture, fitness and confidence will improve and more importantly, you’ll be having lots of fun, whilst achieving your goals.


Pay as You Go (PAYG) group session £11.00


Memberships – 

Bronze £45.00 monthly - 4 classes per month, + additional stretch class, + 1 practice session.

Silver £75.00 monthly - 6 classes per month, + additional stretch class, +2 practice sessions, + 2 abs blast/get strong and discount on private 1-2-1 sessions.

Private Sessions -


1-2-1 session £30.00


1 hour tuition for those who are a little nervous about starting or would like a little extra more personal or specific practice.


We can also offer small group training as above also


2-2-1 session £35.00

3-2-1 session £45.00


4-2-1 small group session £50.00


Workshops (Occasional) £tbc


These will be designed to improve existing skills in a safe and encouraging atmosphere hosted by a variety of fitness professionals including Pole Instructors, Aerial Instructors, Gymnastic coaches, yoga or pilates teachers, but will benefit your pole and aerial journey as well as increase the social side of Pole Power Kingsbridge.




Q: I’m pregnant, can I join.


No, due to the activities being higher risk compared to other fitness classes, on safety and insurance reasons we cannot teach anyone who is pregnant.


Q : I have just had a baby can I come along?


Due to pole and aerial hoop being strenuous, we require you to be a minimum of 12 weeks postnatal and to have been given the all clear from a medical professional for you to start a new exercise.


Q : I am 50+ can I join?


YES, we regularly see 50+ year old students attend every week.  We’ve also had students in their 70’s as classes are suited to the needs of each individual.  So long as there are no health problems or medical complications that would compromise your safety, you can absolutely join in.


Q : I don’t want to join on a membership, can I pay as I go?


Yes, you can simply view the classes on our timetable and book yourself in and pay in advance at the PAYG tariff.


Q : Do I have to pay in advance?


YES, this is the only way to secure your name on the class/session list and to confirm your space.


Thank You.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.