You really can’t put a price on your health and wellbeing, but the costs depends on your goals and how much you grow to love Pole Power Kingsbridge.


Taster sessions are free*   *£5.00 taster session fee will be deducted from your next booked session.


If you want to see real results, then you need to invest in yourself, you know you’re worth it!


We recommend attending a minimum of once per week to see progress and start seeing the results, after a month or two.  Increase your sessions to twice weekly or above, when you’ve progressed sufficiently, your personal tracker will help us to advise you on this.


Each person will learn moves, tricks, spins and combos at their own pace.  Everyone progresses at a different pace, but you will be guided safely and effectively through the syllabus and your personal tracker and placed in classes that are levelled at your ability.  Progressing in your pole or aerial fitness in this manner will give you the necessary skills to progress safely and effectively.


You will soon witness your posture, fitness and confidence will improve and more importantly, you’ll be having lots of fun, whilst achieving your goals.


Pay as You Go (PAYG) group session £11.00


Bronze - £45.00 monthly

4 classes per month, + additional stretch class, + 1 practice session.

Silver - £75.00 monthly

6 classes per month, + additional stretch class, +2 practice sessions, + 2 abs blast/get strong and discount on private 1-2-1 sessions.

Kids - £30.00 monthly

4 classes per month.

Private Lessons

1-2-1 session £30.00

1 hour tuition for those who are a little nervous about starting or would like a little extra more personal or specific practice.

We can also offer small group training as above also

2-2-1 session £35.00

3-2-1 session £45.00

4-2-1 small group session £50.00

Workshops (Occasional) £tbc

These will be designed to improve existing skills in a safe and encouraging atmosphere hosted by a variety of fitness professionals including Pole Instructors, Aerial Instructors, Gymnastic coaches, yoga or pilates teachers, but will benefit your pole and aerial journey as well as increase the social side of Pole Power Kingsbridge.