Pole Fitness

In recent years Pole dance is the fastest growing form of fitness worldwide, with it having evolved into exercise and practiced by professional performers, fitness enthusiasts, and people like you.  Pole fitness is practiced by both women and men and is a fusion of Chinese pole, Indian pole “Mallakhamb”, circus pole and encompasses a variety of skills from gymnastics, ballet and dance.

With regular Pole fitness training you will see an increase in your strength, muscle tone, flexibility and your confidence whilst having heaps of fun.  Classes are always full of laughter, exactly how they should be!  Using our vertical silicone poles, you’ll wear leggings (sports leggings are best) and a t-shirt/vest.  Our different level classes ensure you progress at your own pace safely and effectively.

You will be taught our levelled pole fitness syllabus which will see you achieving spins, transitions, poses, conditioning moves such as climbing the pole in various ways and working towards inverting (going upside down).  All amazing super motivating and empowering stuff.

Our classes are all about fun and fitness; for all ages, sizes and abilities whilst being encouraging and all inclusive.

Lots of people believe that you have to be strong to start pole, this is so NOT TRUE!  Anyone can pole no matter what you age, size or ability.  The only thing stopping you, is you. So, go on TRY IT!


Beginners Classes

You’ll learn beginners spins, poses and transitions to get your pole journey off to a great start, giving you the skills necessary to be safe and effective.  You’ll notice your posture, fitness and confidence will all improve whilst having lots of fun and no pervious experience is required.  You don’t need to be fit or strong to start. 

part 1.a.jpg

Higher Beginners (Part 1) Classes

Now you know the basics from beginners you’ll be ready to work further up the pole, put together combos and build strength and confidence and will complete your repertoire of upright spins and poses, on both sides.  There is a strong focus on good form and strength building on your skills learnt in beginners and  to help prepare for the next level.

part 2 maria.jpg

Intermediate (Part 2) Classes

You’ll be stronger than you ever were before from regularly attending classes, you now have great foundation skills and are becoming more accustomed to the pole.  In these classes you’ll be working on mastering your inverted (upside down) tricks, transitions and combos whilst increasing your strength, fitness and flexibility.  Your instructor using your personal tracker will tell you when you are ready to level up.

Part 3 kelly.jpg

Advanced (Part 3) Classes

After mastering the previous levels this is where you become a badass and start learning arm only moves, routines and flips.  You’ll not only become a lot more powerful and flexible, but way more confident too.


Pole Practice Session

This session is yours.  It is unstructured for you to use to work on anything you need to, a move you’ve been struggling with or need a bit more practice to nail it, whilst an Instructor will be there to help you with what you are trying to achieve and ensure your safety.